Break down barriers

 Break down barriers

and build a stronger team

and build a stronger team



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Let's foster togetherness and authenticity.

Togetherness and authenticity are two values that in many cases have been forgotten by corporate culture, and are exactly the recipe to creating a fulfilling workplace with open communication among teams, loyal employees that take ownership and aren't afraid to lead, and respect across all departments breaking down organizational silos.

Long gone are the days of putting on your "work" hat and compartmentalizing your life to the point you don't even recognize yourself anymore once you step into the office versus who you become in the presence of friends and family.  

Our silent disco dance experience creates a container for management, staff, and executives to connect to to their baseline humanity through dance and music, evening out the playing field and allowing for authentic connection that your team will take with them into the workplace. We curate exercises during the dance, that allow barriers to crumble and empathy to rise. 

This is an immersive experience that allows for your team to easily enter a state of presence with the activities and their teammates. This practice will help your team to develop body awareness, be more authentic and empathetic with colleagues, encourage them to find their creative edge, and certainly help to break through operational or cross-department barriers. 

Our corporate events can be held anywhere at your convenience. We are equipped for outdoor, and indoor events.

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Culture isn't defined, but lived

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Mental & Emotional health benefits for your team.

A sense of belonging in the organization: The social ties that accompany a sense of belonging are a protective factor helping manage stress and other behavioral issues. When we feel we have support and are not alone, we are more resilient, often coping more effectively with difficult times in our lives. - Mayo Clinic

As Brenee Brown famously states, "True Belonging doesn't require that we change who we are; it requires that we be who we are."  

Mirroring builds empathy: Have you ever found yourself yawning at the same time as someone else, or cringing when someone else hurt themselves as if you experienced the pain yourself? This is due to a complex system of neurons called mirror neurons. Dance has been used to promote social bonding and group cohesiveness across many cultures around the world.  Through mirroring the dance and movement of another, it forces the person mirroring to embody the observed person’s experience building empathy. Empathy is essential when it comes to interacting with others, and building a culture of safety, therefore alleviating stressors from the workplace. 


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