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Give your guests the gift of feeling deeply connected. 


Infuse your gathering with meaningful connection.

Whether it is for a wedding rehearsal dinner, welcome party, bachelorette party, or birthday celebration, humans gather to feel a sense of connection and togetherness. We gather as a celebration of life and because it enriches our lives. We gather to feel understood, and loved by those closest to us.


If you want to infuse your celebration with a sense of presence and deep connection, and Be You Disco specializes in crafting experiences that dissolve boundaries and foster genuine connections among your guests.  We are profoundly thankful for the opportunity to be part of your most intimate occasions and moments, and we are dedicated to curating spaces for profound human connection.

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Let's get the party started.


Guided Dance Journey

Our guided wellness dance journey combines music, mindfulness, dance and connection activities that inspire authenticity and closeness amongst your group. This experience can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Your guests will feel a heightened sense of togetherness and well-being after dancing their hearts out together. This experience is guided by a professional Be You Disco facilitator. 

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Silent Disco Party 

Sometimes you aren't looking for a wellness activity and just want to party! Our 3-Channel Silent Disco is full-service and includes 3 unique DJs that will play impeccable vibes to get everyone dancing and keep your party alive. This is perfect for a corporate party, wedding afterparty, or any occasion where you'd want people to let loose and enjoy.

Other Wellness Experiences we offer:

  • Vocal Empowerment Journey

  • Yoga Party

  • Intention Setting Meditation

  • Sound healing Experience

  • Breathwork Experience

Let's create a magical gathering.


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