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What are you celebrating? Let's give your private party that
special added touch. 



Why gather? 

Whether it is for a birthday, graduation, baby shower or coming of age celebration, humans gather to feel a sense of connectedness and togetherness. We gather as a celebration of life.


If you are looking to make your celebration more present, connected, and sacred; Be You Disco specializes in curating experiences that break down barriers and bring people together. We are so grateful to witness the most intimate of occasions and moments and are a stand for deep human connection. 

Who we serve...

Be You Disco Wedding Silent Disco Services
Weddings &
Bachelorette Parties 
Be You Disco Private Parties Silent Disco
Baby Showers
Be You Disco Silent Disco Wellness Party West Palm Beach
Birthdays &
Anniversary Parties
Quinces, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs & Coming of Age Celebrations
Be You Disco Beach Silent Disco Dancing Events
Be You Disco Wedding Silent Disco Party
Weddings & Conscious Bachelorette Parties
Private Parties Silent Disco
Birthdays & Anniversary Parties
Be You Disco Ecstatic Dance Silent Disco
Quinces, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations & Coming of Age Celebrations
Be You Disco Private Events West Palm Beach Baby Shower
Baby Showers
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Let's get the party started.

guided dance journey

Move that amazing body of yours and feel fully expressed. Our guided therapeutic dance journeys combine music, mindfulness, connection and movement. Dance is a celebration of life.

vocal empowerment

Experience the healing properties of music in a completely new way. Unleash your voice and creativity in a fun group singing and  free-styling activity guided by professional musician.

traditional silent disco

Our traditional 3-channel silent disco features 3 Live DJ's all spinning different tunes to create a diverse and fun dance floor experience. Whether participating on the sidelines this experience is fun for everyone.

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Let's make your celebration sacred & extraordinary

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