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The Soul wants to be Creative

Be You Disco harnesses the power of silent disco technology to create immersive wellness and creative experiences. Our events are all about self-expression, community, and mindfulness. We bring creatives and wellness facilitators together to curate unforgettable experiences focusing on community, play, wellness, and fun! Our silent discos include anything from ecstatic dance, meditation, yoga, open mics, live music, breath work, and more. All you need to do is show up and Be You!


Be You Disco Experiences

You are entering a portal to connection and creativity! 

Get out of your head and drop into that amazing body of yours. Movement is truly medicine especially when shared in community. Our guided silent disco experiences combine music, dance, and mindfulness. This dance will have you celebrating your body, and feeling your aliveness. We move in similar ways each day and this experience is designed to interrupt your patterns so you can  explore your creative edge.

Ecstatic Dance


Group Loop

The voice is such a powerful tool for expression and healing! Many people feel feel some sort of fear around saying "om" in a yoga class so we create spaces for communal free-styling where everyone is encouraged to come up and drop a beat! Kev Ohm is our facilitator and sometimes the songs are that good that we will publish them on Spotify.


Sound Healing & Live Music

We partner with local musicians and sound healers to offer live shows and sound healings through our silent disco headsets before or after our community events. These expressive arts are especially felt when you put the silent disco headsets on and they transport you into a world where nothing else exists but sound. Musicians love performing to such a present and captivated audience in our intimate settings. 


Our mediation experiences are unique in that we utilize silent disco headsets to help you drop in even deeper. Be You Disco offers Free Community Walking meditations on the beach as well as weaves meditation into their Full Moon Silent Discos and other events. We always want to start with dropping into presence to truly feel and experience from a clear state of being and mind. 


Join The Tribe

Be You Disco is a platform for creative and wellness-oriented events. When you show up you are not only an attendee, you are co-creating the space. Come bring your most authentic expression and BE YOU! Everyone else is taken. 

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