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Team building that inspires authenticity and belonging through music, movement and mindfulness.



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Build bonds, inspire authenticity, and
break down barriers

Be You Disco curates immersive wellness team building experiences that harmoniously blend mindfulness, movement, music, coaching, and connection prompts.


We masterfully weave the art of engagement with movement and mindfulness practices to empower participants to feel self-expressed, in tune with themselves, and a deep sense of togetherness and connection to the team.


Our mission is to: 

Cultivate and inspire engagement, authenticity, and a peak state of well-being for your team or event attendees through dance, music, and connection.

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This transformative experience brings your company core values to life.

We turn events into epic experiences

Whenever you need to engage, inspire, and bring people together, we are your people... Be You Disco serves many markets.

Be You Disco experiences are designed to boost engagement, empathy, connection and dopamine


  • Build Bonds and Authentic Connections

  • Create Engaged and Productive Teams

  • Reduce Stress & Increase Relaxation

  • Improve Focus

  • Cultivate Well-being

  • Transcend Communication Barriers

  • Expand your comfort zone

  • Inspire Creativity 

  • Fun and Inclusive

  • Cultivate Improved Body Awareness

  • Cultivate Belonging

  • Boost dopamine and serotonin (the happy chemicals)

  • Overcome Fear 

  • Embrace self-expression

Be You - LOGO_edited.png

Browse our unique wellness team building journeys.


Dance Team Building

Our guided wellness dance team building experience combines music, mindfulness, dance and connection activities that inspire authenticity and closeness amongst your group. We get to foster empathy and exercise our emotional fitness in this unique experience led by a professional life coach.


Vocal Empowerment

Experience the healing properties of music in a completely new way. Public speaking can often feel daunting, but in this vocal exploration, your team will learn to harness the power of their voice by collaboratively crafting a song. 

Be You Disco Corporate Team Building Meditation Experience

Guided Meditation

Drop into a deep state of presence and relaxation. Our meditation journeys include silent headphones, music, professional guidance, and visual prompts to help you access your higher self. We also offer breath work as a form of meditaton.


Sound Healing Experience

Dive into a realm where only vibrations and sounds exist, immersing yourself in a transformative auditory journey. This immersive listening experience fosters profound peace and presence, offering a unique escape from the outside world. This is a beautiful offering for retreats and relaxation.

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Silent Disco Party 

Sometimes you aren't looking for a wellness activity and just want to party! Our 3-Channel Silent Disco is full-service and includes 3 unique DJs that will play impeccable vibes to get everyone dancing and keep your party alive. This is perfect for a corporate party, wedding afterparty, or any occasion where you'd want people to let loose and enjoy.


"Get Unstuck" Workshop

Receive personalized coaching guidance from our founder, Carolina Panoff, in this immersive workshop. Participants will gain valuable insights on overcoming overwhelm, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, and other obstacles hindering their path to success from a place of self-acceptance. Her approach combines deep inner work with strategic aligned action. 

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