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Our experiences brings students closer together through dance, mindfulness, & self-expression.

Dance has a funny way of bringing diverse groups of people together. Have you ever noticed that you might have nothing in common with someone, but if you are dancing with them there will be a huge smile on your face?

Our wellness experiences are part dance party, part therapeutic wellness experience, part celebration of life, and part icebreaker. We take students through a 1.5 hour guided dance journey that incorporates inclusive music from all over the world and the students are invited to explore their creativity, mindfulness, and non-verbal connection.

Some songs resonate with the emotional chords of joy and gratitude, and some are more of an invitation to go on an inward journey. We play music that allows students to express the full-range of their human experience which gives them permission to be themselves. Have you ever met a person that is always up and never down? Exactly.

going inward and being with yourself, some are about being in community and mirroring each others dance.

It is a beautifully therapeutic experiences that is fun, inclusive, and breaks down barriers to connection. Students claim to feel a sense of calm, more grounded, and afterwards. 

Our wellness events can be held anywhere at your convenience. We are equipped for outdoor, and indoor events at your campus. If the weather is nice, we suggest to host an outdoor wellness party.

 Be You experiences are designed to cultivate student well-being and community.  



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Benefits for students:

  • Alleviates Stress 

  • Cultivates Creativity

  • Builds Confidence

  • Creates a sense of Belonging

  • Authentic Expression

  • Fun and Inclusive Activity

  • Rejuvenates and Relaxes

  • Uplifts and Inspires

  • Improves Mental Health

  • Immersive & Engaging

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Improved Mental Health for your
Student Body

Stress and anxiety are more prevalent in today's society than ever before and students have the additional stressor of Academic Stress. Our experiences are filled with techniques that although are incorporated into a fun dance journey have the power to help students regulate their nervous system and come back to a more calm and present state. Some of these techniques include mindfulness, focusing on the breath, shaking, dancing, and expressing with sound. 

Authenticity and Belonging: This experience is designed to help students understand that their unique expression is enough. College students are at a unique age where they are on a path of self-discovery and there can sometimes be many pressures to  "fit in" and forgo authenticity. This experience celebrates and invites that authenticity back. Belonging is such a deeply engrained human need and this experience helps students to understand that their authentic expression is a gift.

"True Belonging doesn't require that we change who we are; it requires that we be who we are." Brenee Brown

Mirroring builds empathy: Have you ever found yourself yawning at the same time as someone else, or cringing when someone else hurt themselves as if you experienced the pain yourself? This is due to a complex system of neurons called mirror neurons. Dance has been used to promote social bonding and group cohesiveness across many cultures around the world.  Through mirroring the dance and movement of another, it forces the person mirroring to embody the observed person’s experience building empathy. Empathy is essential when it comes to interacting with others, and building a culture of safety and healthy communication in a workplace.


This is where student entertainment and wellness meet.  

Be You Disco works exclusively with Houla Entertainment in the College Market. We have given education session at APCA and look forwarding to bringing this magic to your school. You can email us directly at for a quote and we will copy our agent at Houla Entertainment for any booking needs. 

We also curate experiences for corporate team building. If you are interested in an experience for your University's staff please see our corporate team building page


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