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Be You Disco was created as an outlet for a connection and authentic self-expression. Our intention is to bridge the gap among people, and create a sense of belonging within communities. It's to have fun, color outside the lines, and create spaces for celebration, mindfulness, and creativity to flourish.

Our silent disco experiences are immersive lightly-guided dance experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed, expressed, and connected. We are so honored to see our West Palm Beach community growing, connections flourishing and are bringing the magic of silent disco and dance to corporate space to bridge gaps in teams. 

Our experiences truly are unique, and allow for people to express themselves unapologetically through dance and sound. We find that there are very few spaces that encourage this in our society and in our eyes it is truly the rawest art form, and believe it should be encouraged. 

Our goal is for everyone to wake up to the magic and creativity within themselves.


Our founders, Carolina Panoff and Kev Ohm started Be You Disco as a way to bridge the gaps among people after the 2020 pandemic, as well as create immersive spaces for self-expression, creativity, and community connection. Through music, dance, and mindfulness we are building community. Be You Disco Experiences are the bridge between creative expression and wellness. 

Carolina Panoff is an expressive movement facilitator along with Life Coach that helps people move through the fear of being seen, unearth their own creativity, and create safes containers for self-expression. She first fell in love with dance in 2016 when she was taking salsa lessons. She was amazed at dance's ability to connect people who would otherwise never met. It acted as a bridge between age, class, ethnicity, race, and beliefs. Dance was able to cut through all of the otherness and bring people together celebrating our shared humanity. Her core values are inclusivity, connection, and personal development and she weaves theses so beautifully into Be You Disco. You can follow her at @carolina.panoff and check out her coaching website at

Kev Ohm is a local musician and sound healer in West Palm Beach. His style is mainly uplifting acoustic pop, and at special events he will channel what is there in the moment for improvisational vocal sound healings. You can find him at local restaurants in the South Florida area as well as playing private events and weddings. You can follow his musical journey @kevohmlive and listen to his original music here. 

With gratitude, 

Carolina and Kev

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