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An opportunity to slow down and listen to your body.



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Be You Disco was created as an outlet for connection and authentic self-expression. Our intention is to bridge the gap among people using the power of human connection, music and dance and our experiences invite you to color outside the lines and let your creativity flourish.

Our silent disco experiences are immersive lightly-guided dance experiences that will leave you feeling refreshed, expressed, and connected. We find that there are very few spaces that encourage this level of self-expression in our society and in our eyes it is truly the rawest art form. When we can take away the pressure of needing to look our sound a certain way to be a good singer or dancer, we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and authentic. From this place true connection and intimacy can flourish. These experiences are therapeutic in this way and serve multiple different communities. 

Regardless of if we are working with college students, corporations, or private events everyone can benefit from the experience of being seen in the truest expression. 


Our mission is to embody the message that all expression is beautiful and that it is safe to take our armor off and simply Be You. The world loses when we subdue our authenticity. 


Our founders, Carolina Panoff and Kevin Oliveira began Be You Disco as a response to the 2020 pandemic as a way to reawaken a sense of togetherness and belonging following a time of deep disconnection and fear. They saw an opportunity to harness the power of dance, music, mindfulness, connection, among other modalities as a bridge to bring us back to our authentic loving selves. Having started as a community offering, Be You Disco now works with Corporations, Municipalities, and Colleges to jumpstart authentic connection and infuse wellness modalities into our everyday lives. This is where creative expression and wellness intersect. 

Carolina is a Transformational Life Coach that helps women create fulfillment, find freedom, and discover their true calling in life by taking them through the journey of fear, uncertainty, and imposter syndrome to ultimately claiming their own empowerment, and self-acceptance. 


She has extensive training as a movement guide and embodiment facilitator and has studied under a variety of modalities. Be You Disco is the culmination of everything that she loves including: parts work, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, movement, playfulness, and connection. 


Carolina fell in love with dance back in 2016 when she took salsa lessons at her local studio. She discovered that dance acted as a bridge connecting people of all ages, classes, ethnicities, races, and beliefs. Dance had the power to cut through all of the "perceived" otherness and bring people together celebrating our shared humanity.


Her core values are inclusivity, connection, family, and growth and she weaves these masterfully into Be You Disco experience. You can follow her coaching work at and even subscribe to her mailing list for a free meditation on finding your authentic voice.

Kevin (artist name Kev Ohm) is a local musician and sound healer in West Palm Beach who advocates for substance-free healthy living. He started singing at the age of 8 and has such reverence to music as a form of medicine that transcends barriers. He was the kid that sang through the hallways in middle school receiving all of the nasty looks from peers, yet stayed true to his authentic voice and passion which is what the Be You Experience is here to help cultivate in all of us.


You can find Kevin performing at Colleges and Universities across the United States impacting young adults with his story and original music (listen here). He also loves performing at weddings and is a huge stand for love. 

His musical style is a mix of uplifting acoustic pop with a Brazilian bossanova vibe and improvisational vocalizations. Kevin is passionate about helping others discover the power of singing and their voice. Learn more or hire Kevin here

With intention, 

Carolina and Kevin

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