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An opportunity to slow down and listen to your body.



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Our Mission

Be You Disco was created as an outlet for authenticity, belonging, and self-expression. Our mission is to break down barriers and bring people together using the power of music, mindfulness, movement, and emotionality. Our experiences use the universal language of music and movement to connect diverse groups of people and create mutual understanding.

On a deeper level, Be You Disco invites you to reclaim your uniqueness and authenticity. We believe that when you truly embrace all of yourself that the world is a more Be-You-tiful place. There are many reasons that we abandon our true expression and make ourselves "smaller" such as: fear of being seen, fear of rejection, comparison etc. This experience invites you to color outside the lines, cultivate authentic connections, and explore the edge of your own creativity and expression.


Our intention is to cultivate a safe space for self-discovery, joy, and well-being.


This experience gives you permission to suspend the common beliefs that there is such a thing as a "good" or "bad" dancer.  This gives you the confidence to explore and find your own authentic expression and have fun in the process feeling supported as we all embody different parts of ourselves (joy, excitement, confidence, sadness) through movement. 

We use silent disco technology to create immersive guided wellness and team building experiences that leave participants feeling refreshed, expressed, and a heightened sense of well-being.

The Be You Disco experiences is relatable and therefore we bring this powerful engagement experience to many markets including: Corporate teams, meetings and incentives, colleges and universities, and private events. 

Our Founder

Carolina Panoff initiated Be You Disco in response to the 2020 pandemic, recognizing the necessity to revive a collective spirit of unity and belonging amidst widespread disconnection.

In 2016, Carolina's passion for dance ignited when she enrolled in salsa classes at her neighborhood studio. Through dance, she unearthed its profound ability to unify individuals across ages, social classes, ethnicities, races, and beliefs. Regardless of perceived differences, dance transcended barriers, uniting people in joyous celebration of our common humanity.


She identified the potential of utilizing dance, music, mindfulness, and other methods as catalysts to reconnect individuals with their genuine, loving selves. Initially conceived as a community initiative, Be You Disco has evolved to collaborate with Corporations, Municipalities, and Colleges, facilitating genuine connections and integrating wellness practices into daily routines. Here, the convergence of creative expression and wellness forms the cornerstone of our endeavors.

With a wealth of experience as a movement guide, mindfulness practitioner, life coach, and embodiment facilitator, she has undergone extensive training across various modalities. Be You Disco represents the fusion of her passions, incorporating elements such as parts work, somatic experiencing, mindfulness, movement, playfulness, and connection.

Carolina is a Transformational Life Coach who guides individuals on a journey of self-belonging and discovering their authentic voice. She extends her support to both individuals and organizations, fostering a culture of belonging within companies. By addressing the tendency to seek safety and validation externally, Carolina helps individuals reclaim their power and reach their full potential. She believes that learning to belong within oneself leads to empowerment and self-acceptance.

If you are interested in inviting Carolina to speak or offer a group coaching workshop at your next conference or corporate wellness initiative please fill out the speaker form here.  

With intention, 


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Our Team

We have an incredible team of musicians, audio, DJs, and wellness facilitators that help bring the Be You Disco Mission to life! 


Kevin Oliveira | Operations Manager

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Carolina | Lead Yoga Facilitator

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Jenyani | Lead DJ & Audio Tech

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