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How Adding a Silent Disco can Transform Your Wedding Day

We’ve all been there, the wedding dinner is over and the DJ puts on the electric slide to get people on the dance floor. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t, but considering it's one of the only things the wedding party has done as a group all day, you jump in because we are here for the memories!

Wedding entertainment hasn't changed much over the years. For the most part, a band or a DJ is solely responsible for making things fun for the evening. To increase participation, they play music everyone knows to get the dance floor moving. The pictures and videos of your guests doing the Macarena become one of the only group activities you capture for the whole evening.

Everyone has attended this wedding in one form or another. Change the people and the place, but the entertainment experience itself is largely the same.

Wedding silent disco experience

Enter Wedding Silent Discos - A New Entertainment Option for Weddings.

Something very special happens when you put on a pair of silent disco headsets. You are transported to a different plane, where music, dance, and connection take over your perspective.

It's not just the music and dance with headphones that makes this experience special, it's also the light guidance coming from the professional facilitator that is inviting your friends and family to connect with each other in new and playful ways.

With this approach, it doesn’t matter that neither grandma or little Jimmy know what song is playing, because they were just guided to do the silliest dance they can come up with, using only their elbows.

Now guests are being invited to dance with someone they don’t know!

Now, two people that may have never connected at your wedding have been given permission to dance as if they’ve known each other for years!

Even better, now they are being guided to try a dance move they’ve never done before, finally getting dad to try something different from that same corny dance move he always does. Every. Time.

And just like that, you’ve created a wedding experience that is truly different for your guests. Even more important, over the last 30 minutes your friends and family have been genuinely connecting in a fun way that is accessible for people of all ages, backgrounds, and ability. A wheelchair bound person can participate in this experience as easily as anyone else. It truly is an inclusive and fun activity for the whole party.

It's the end of the night. Your cousin who has been to 3 other weddings this year alone and took an 8 hour flight to be here comes up to you and says “this is the most fun thing I have ever done at a wedding. Thank you so much for adding something totally different to this day. We had a BLAST!”

Finally, a new way to celebrate and create beautiful memories of this day with your friends and family. DANCE ON!

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About the author:

Kev Ohm is a professional musician in South Florida with over a decade of wedding experience offering ceremony audio services, entertainment and consulting. He brings a unique and fresh perspective to wedding entertainment, an industry that has remained largely unchanged in our modern day.

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